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Dr. Timothy Wong Encourages Schools to Practice Healthy Dental Habits

Dr. Wong recently, in partnership with the Chinese American Dental Society of Southern California, visited an elementary school to provide their annual gift smile kits. As part of the event, they had 5 volunteer doctors screen about 180 kids and distributed their dental hygiene kits. 

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San Diego Fellows Tackle Sugar Drink Awareness

Dr. Fadra Whyte and Dr. Melissa Campos are collaborating to highlight awareness about sugary drinks that children often consume.

Dr. Melissa Campos is working with her FQHC clinic to institute a sugar sweetened beverage intervention. She plans to share educational materials and water infused drink recipes with patients. She will soon send out a flyer that will contain a QR code to a sugar beverage awareness video, created by Dr. Amy Beck (Cohort 2, San Francisco).

Dr. Campos and Dr. Fadra Whyte are working with San Ysidro Health to pilot an education program utilizing the sugar beverage awareness video.

Dr. Fadra Whyte presented about the link between oral health and overall health at the annual conference for the California Academy of Physcian Assistants.

Link to Dr. Beck’s Sugar Beverage Awareness Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdUimv8NyvQ

Link to PDF with QR code about Sugary Drinks:


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Dr. Paul Hsiao Featured in Smile, California

Dr. Paul Hsiao, Champion Provider Fellow, Cohort 2 (Fresno County) recently lent his voice to Smile, CaliforniaSmile, California is the Medi-Cal Dental (also known as Denti-Cal) campaign to increase utlization of dental benefits among Medi-Cal recicipients. To read more about Dr. Hsiao's great work during his time in the fellowship, check out his success story


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