Orientation to Champion Provider Fellowship Resources 


Speaker Bios 

Q & A Follow-Up 

Diabetes Campaign FACT SHEET

Food Security Policy Updates

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SNAP     FARM BILL     NEJM Public Charge

JAMA Public Charge      SSI

Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS | December 2018

Champion Provider Fellowship Recruitment Information for Local Health Departments

Brown Miller Communications | September 2018

August PSE Implementation & Strategies in Action

 ChangeLab Solutions | August 2018

June PSE Implementation & Strategies in Action

ChangeLab Solutions | June 2018

Addressing Health Disparities in Underserved Populations 

San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative | May 2018

Sugary Drinks: Using Grassroots Advocacy to Reduce Consumption

Public Health Advocates | February 2018

Playbook 101: Implementing PSE Change in Our Community 

ChangeLab Solutions | October 2017

Healthy Communities: What Does SB 743 Mean for your Communities? 

December 2016

Healthy Retail in Your Community

Public Health Institute | March 2016

Food Insecurity​ & Health: An Overview

Local School Wellness Policy

Added Sugar & Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

University of California, San Francisco | 2015​​​​