Research shows that the availability, affordability, safety, and convenience of physical activity programs and facilities— such as playgrounds, parks, public pools, or gyms—in schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods affect the amount of exercise that nearby residents get. In the context of the Champion Provider Fellowship program, structured physical activity refers to convenient, planned, guided, and culturally appropriate recreational opportunities in community centers, schools, workplaces, healthcare settings, or other venues. Unstructured physical activity, by contrast, refers to unplanned activity, such as playing games at recess.

On this page, you will find information and resources to support policy, system and environmental changes designed to increase access to structured physical activity. We have also highlighted Champion Provider Fellows that are currently engaged in activities aimed at increasing access to structured physical activity

Marin County Champion Providers

Champion Provider Fellows, Drs. Tracy Hessel and Elizabeth Shaw are determined to see healthier communities:


Structured Physical Activity

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