PSE Playbook: Implementing Policy, System & Environmental Change in Our Communities


This playbook was written for the UCSF Champion Provider Fellowship program. The playbook begins with basic definitions and examples of policy, system and environmental change interventions. Next, we provide case studies of physicians and dentists advancing policy, system, and/or environmental change intervention within key priority areas. The playbook also provides an overview of key steps to implement change.

Download a Copy of the PSE Playbook

The Champion Provider Fellowship Playbook is free to download; however, we request that you complete a short survey prior to download for our program evaluation purposes. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the playbook, you can indicate that in the survey. You will be prompted to provide additional information including number of copies desired and mailing address.

Contact the team for any questions: [email protected]

Access a copy of the PSE Playbook