Shopping for Produce at a Farmer's MarketFood insecurity is the lack of consistent, dependable access to an adequate supply of food for a healthy life. Individuals experiencing food insecurity make tradeoffs between food and other necessary expenses, such as rent. Research shows that food insecurity affects nutrition and childhood development, and can lead to or exacerbate physical, behavioral, and psychological health problems. In the context of the Champion Provider Fellowship program, food security refers to the consistent availability and usability of affordable, nutritious food among underserved communities.

On this page, you will find information and resources to support policy, system and environmental changes designed to increase access to affordable, nutritious food. We have also highlighted Champion Provider Fellows that are currently engaged in food security work. And finally, we have provided a stepwise toolkit intended for health care providers (and their local health department partners), outlining ways in which they can begin to engage in food security efforts in their local communities by scaling up Market Match and Double Up Food Bucks programs.

Food Security

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