Pedro Moreno, MD

Monterey County Health Department
2019 Cohort

Dr. Pedro Moreno is a family medicine physician at the Alisal Health Center, a clinic of the Monterey County Health Department located in East Salinas. For over twenty years, he has served a predominately Latinx patient population, many of whom are farm workers from rural communities in Mexico and who speak only native dialects. He has developed relationships with many community organizations and initiated countless partnerships over the past two decades. Through his collaboration with the local health department, he has been able to integrate nutrition education curriculum into his nutrition and wellness group visits as well as implement a Food Prescription (FoodRx), so patients can get fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers’ markets. Dr. Moreno is interested in better understanding how poverty affects childhood obesity in Mexican farm working families in Salinas Valley in order to better educate leaders on policies that positively impact his patient community.

Focus Area: 
Food Security
Structured Physical Activity