Gina Johnson, MD

Los Angeles
Northeast Valley Health Corporation
2017 Cohort

Dr. Johnson has lived most of her life in the northeast San Fernando Valley. After receiving her medical degree from UCLA, she did residency at Children's Hospital in Oakland, where she learned about the importance of addressing health beyond treating the acute illness. Determined to return home and give back to her community, Dr. Johnson became a pediatrician at Northeast Valley Health Corporation, the same FQHC that she visited for immunizations as a child. From 2001-2005 she was an asthma champion, collaborating with the health department to improve asthma care for pediatric patients. Dr. Johnson wants to apply her asthma champion skills to obesity prevention. Having spent her entire medical career serving low-income families, she understands that obesity is a multifaceted issue, from food scarcity to cultural beliefs about tap water. In her spare time, Dr. Johnson is active with her church. She has led youth ministry trips to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, China, Egypt, and South Africa.

Focus Area: 
Food Security
Healthy Food and Beverage Standards